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  • AutorenbildHolger Olivier Reinbold

Urft Dam | Location Scouting

The Urft Dam in the Eifel National Park was the destination for my location scouting this time. The journey takes about 1 hour from my home in Germany. Starting at the parking lot 'Wilder Kermeter' at the highway 15, the trail leads through dense deciduous and mixed forest down to the dam for about 3 km. The Urft dam in the northern Eifel is a 58.5 m high, 226 m long and from 1900 to 1905 built dam, which dams the Urft to the 2.16 km² large Urft reservoir. 1st of August the sun will rise directly behind the dam, so you have to get up early to be at the location at 05 am at the latest. Watch my full story!


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