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New photobook... in preparation. During spring time I was nearly 4 weeks in Japan /Tokyo city, visiting my son. Main time I had to spend with daily work for my company but in the evenings and during the weekend I found some time to shot some impressions about this amazing and huge city in Japan.

Tokyo Tower | HolgerOlivier Photography - April 2023
Tokyo Tower

HolgerOlivier Photography - April 2023
Rainbow Bridge - Tokyo City

One weekend we spent in the mountains located eastern from Tokyo. I got the opportunity to do amazing landscape photography.

HolgerOlivier Photography - April 2023
Otsuki - Saruhashi Bridge

In the last weeks I started the design of new photo book to describe and show all my impressions and feelings during the full stay. I will come back with some insights later on....

yours HolgerOlivier


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