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Lahngang Hike

I owe this hike actually to a coincidence. I wanted to leave at 03 am for a sunrise tour to the Ennstaler Hut in the Gesäuse National Park, but I simply overslept. When I woke up shortly before 05 am I got very upset about myself. I quickly decided to find an alternative for the day. I decided to drive to the Colonel Klinke hut and from there I made a tour over the Lahngang. A good friend had recommended the route to me. The ridge is a bit south of the Gesäuse and with a little luck the sun needed some time to overcome the mountains.

A few minutes after I left the Colonel Klinke Hut, a cleared slope opened up a wonderful view of the Gesäuse and the nearby Kalbling mountain. The sky was more cloudy than I had expected and the first rays of sunshine bathed the whole valley in a mystical light!

East View to Reichenstein and Gesäuse National Park | HolgerOlivier Landscape & Travel Photography

After I got my first shots for sure I went on over the ridge to the east summit.

Lahngang | HolgerOlivier Landscape & Travel Photography

From there I had a wonderful view of the Kalbling in the morning mood!

Kalbling in Morning Light | HolgerOlivier Landscape & Travel Photography

I reached the turning point of the tour at the west summit of the Lahngang at 1778 m above sea level. From here there was a fantastic view of the Paltental and the mountain range of the Hohe Tauern!

West Summit Lahngang | HolgerOlivier Landscape & Travel Photography

In review, I am so thankful that I overslept and was able to experience this wonderful morning at this place! You can find all pictures of the tour in my story!

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