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Canada | Road Trip 2019

2019|05|12 - Departure from Calgary

Now the journey in Canada is coming to an end. We return from Calgary airport with a Boeing 777. It was 16 wonderful days and together with my son Marvin I was able to experience one of the most beautiful areas of Canada! When I am back in Germany there will be a detailed review and a Canada evening where I will show many pictures and movies as well as report about my experiences is already planned.

2019|05|11 - Around Banff

Banff, our last stop in the National Park.

We made a hike on Tunnel Mountain. Where does the name come from? A railway tunnel should have been driven through the mountain once, but for cost reasons it never became anything, the train runs around the mountain today, but the name has remained as a souvenir!

Afterwards we visited Sulphur Mountain (2451 m) with its weather station - with the cable car. Further stations were Lake Minnewanka, a reservoir and Two Jack Lake. I especially liked it here.

Our last stop will be Calgary! Here we will go shopping a little more.... and then it goes also so slowly again back home!

2019|05|10 - On the Way to Banff

After 2 days we have already left Lake Louise in the direction of Banff. Banff will be our last stop in the Rockies. Here we have planned another 3 days stay. On the way we made our first stop at Morant's Curve and had to wait exactly 1 hour for one of the legendary freight trains. The trains often have a length of more than 2 km. We recorded the pass-by in a 3.5 minute video. 2nd station was the Johnston Canyon. Here we were surprised by bad weather for the first time during our whole tour. Photographing or filming was out of the question. The equipment was packed rainproof and we made our way back.

2019|05|09 - Lake Louise

After we left the Icefields and our accommodation in Crossing we paid attention to the visit of lake Chephren. The hike lasted about 5 hours and was very exhausting due to the deep snow. But we were rewarded with a fantastic panorama at the lake. The lake was completely covered with snow and all around the majestic mountains rose into the sky.

Our next stop - Lake Louise. After we had paid a courtesy visit to the 'famous lake', we moved into our new accommodation. The following day we went to the Joho National Park to Natural Bridge, Emerald Lake and Wapta Falls.

2019|05|07 - Columbia Ice Field and SkyWalk

After an extensive breakfast in our accommodation in Crossing we made our way to the Columbia Ice field. The day before we had booked a tour with the special vehicles for 10:30am. One should look at these glaciers with awe, they will be in less than 15 years, possibly even faster no longer existent. The glaciers are melting fast and the process can't be stopped anymore. After a total of 90 minutes we went on to the nearby glass SkyWalk. For me a challenge to walk 280 m above the gorge over this free floating walk. At the end of the day we made a 2 hours hike on the Wilcox Peak - to the red chairs. From there we had a fantastic view of the Ice Fields in this wonderful national park.

2019|05|05 - The Crossing

From Jasper we went on to The Crossing ...a small motel in the middle of Banff National Park.

A place without internet and mobile phone reception. Only one desktop PC for the whole accommodation was available. So digital fasting was announced and thus also 3 days no update of my Blog possible.

The days started with a trip to the Jasper Sky Tram. At the top there was a fantastic view over the Jasper National Park in stormy weather.

We continued south to Crossing. On the way we had a mountain panorama like I have never seen before, high mountains pure wrapped in a wintery dress.

Stops were made at the Falls of Athabasca and Sunwapta.

We went past the Icefield park with its mighty glaciers to the accommodation for the next 2 days.

Shortly before the end of the day we met a mighty black bear.

2019|05|02 Jasper | Special Update

On the way to one of our last hotspots today, a family of 3 bears crossed our path. The mother with her two boys showed up less than 10 m in front of us. It was a wonderful experience to experience such bears in the wild and then so close to them! Here are my pictures from this extraordinary meeting.

2019|05|02 - Jasper | Update

The first day in Jasper was a rest day, on the way to breakfast we picked up the National Park Pass at the Information Center. After breakfast we went back to the accommodation and did our laundry. In the afternoon we visited the lakes around Jasper, Pyramid, Patricia, Beauvert, Annette and Edith Lake! The weather was mixed, heavy clouds, cold and at times heavy snowfall. I have to say again and again that these 'bad weather' conditions produce the best photos. Slowly I begin to discover these conditions for photography.

Patricia Lake | Jasper | HolgerOlivier Photography
Patricia Lake | Jasper | HolgerOlivier Photography

2019|05|01 - Jasper

From Clearwater we continue to Jasper National Park, another highlight of the trip. The first stop was at Blue River, we visited Mud Lake. Via a narrow forest road we reached the lake. The name is a credit to the lake and offered fantastic motives for my cam. The second stop was planned at Kinbasket Lake which is over 100 km long - what we found was a completely dry lake, not a drop of water. Cause for us not obvious. Since it is a reservoir we suspect that the water was drained. On Highway 16 we continue to Jasper, shortly before the national park we saw the highest mountain of Canada, Mount Robson - 3954 m. In Jasper we will spend 3 days.

2019|04|30 - Clearwater

From Kamloops we went to Clearwater. The stage led us along the big Chuswap lake. It was almost windless and the lake was as smooth as glass. We were able to record some wonderful reflections. An old wheel steamer and the many rafted tree trunks offered wonderful motives. Arriving in Clearwater we went straight on to the highlight of the day - the Helmckenfall at the Murtle River. With a drop height of 140 m it was a huge waterfall.

Old Wheel Steamer | Chuswap Lake | HolgerOlivier Photography
Old Wheel Steamer | Chuswap Lake | HolgerOlivier Photography

Rafted Tree Trunks | Chuswap Lake | HolgerOlivier Photography
Rafted Tree Trunks | Chuswap Lake | HolgerOlivier Photography

Helmcken Falls | Clearwater | HolgerOlivier Photogrpahy
Helmcken Falls | Clearwater | HolgerOlivier Photogrpahy

2019|04|29 - Kamloops

Today's day trip was all about the many lakes in the Rocky Mountains. Shortly after leaving Pemberton we drove about 2 hours on a gravel road along the northeast side of Lillooet Lake. We could find some nice places to stay and took our photos and videos and last but not least we enjoyed the beautiful scenery and the fantastic weather. Then we continued to the Joffre lake in the corresponding Provincial park. Here we had a snow hike to the lake, which was almost completely covered by ice and snow. Only a century ago the Upper Lake was completely covered by the ice of the Matier Glacier. Next Stop Seton lake, for a short break and some pictures. Then we had to make the way to Kamloops, it was a good 3 hours drive.

2019|04|28 - Pemberton | Cheakamus River and Lake

After our actual destination for this day - the Garibaldi Lake - still lay firmly in winter hands - ice and snow-covered, unreachable for us - we had seen it from the airplane - we decided to go on this day to the Cheakamus Lake. But the day was not a good one. The approach to the lake was closed, i.e. we had to plan 1.5 hours more time and walk along the river on a small trail. The destination was a small Suspension Bridge, the starting point for the actual hike to the lake. Arrived there we unfortunately had to find out that this trail was also closed due to forest work. Thus we had no possibility to reach the lake, there was no alternative route. We decided to cross the bridge and follow the trail on the other side of the river.

2019|04|27 - Squamish Sightseeing Flight

The highlight of the second day was the one-hour sightseeing flight with AirToSky in Squamish. The views were breathtaking. Completely untouched nature and mountain panoramas in the deepest winter dress we got to see. We enjoyed the flight in all trains and of course captured our impressions with some photos. Photographically the windows of the plane were the biggest challenge.

2019|04|26 - Vancouver

After a 10-hour flight I arrived in Vancouver tired. My son Marvin arrived 2 hours before me at the airport. After we had received our rental car - a four-wheel drive SUV - we headed towards Downtown Vancouver to move into our first accommodation in a small city hotel. After a short rest period in the hotel room we went on foot to the harbor to get some exercise on this day. Even though both of us had spent more than 18 hours without any sleep worth mentioning, we made good progress - of course with a camera in our luggage.

Crossing the Road | Vancouver | HolgerOlivier Photography
Crossing the Road | Vancouver | HolgerOlivier Photography

Arrived at the port we were allowed to welcome also directly a new crusader who was just about to dock at Canada Place.

Cruise Ship | Vancouver Harbor | HolgerOlivier Photography

Canada Place | Vancouver | HolgerOlivier Photography

After a short harbour tour we headed towards Gastown to have our dinner for today. The Flying Pic was our host!

Vancouver Station and Ferry Port | HolgerOlivier Photography
Vancouver Station and Ferry Port | HolgerOlivier Photography

2019|04|25 - Update

Why am I making this flight? I redeem a promise to my two children to make a journey with you after successful graduation. With my daughter Anna I went to NewYork in 2016. It was a fantastic trip and we had many wonderful experiences together in this unique metropolis!

Now I redeem the trip with my son Marvin. We originally wanted to go to Vietnam/Cambodia, but changed our mind at short notice due to the weather at this time of year. Now we are going to West Canada for 2 weeks. We are looking forward to it!

2019|04|25 - Update

The security check of my photo equipment took some time at the airport. The whole backpack was checked several times for explosives residues....finally without finding and I was allowed to repack everything. Now well arrived at the gate and determined that we fly today 4-jet ... the good old jumbo jet will bring me today to Vancouver.

2019|04|25 - Initial

The first part goes from Siegburg railway station to Frankfurt airport. The train is sometimes punctual to the minute but the dining car is closed due to technical defects because even the chic menu does not help:(

2019|04|22 - Initial

In this blogpost I will inform you about my trip to Canada in the next days. I try - as far as time and technology allow - to provide you with pictures and videos every day. I am very much looking forward to this trip, it will be after the Lofoten certainly one of the most scenic areas I have ever visited.

Today I have already started to put my photo equipment together. The last batteries and Anker power bank will be charged and on Wednesday evening I will try to store everything in my photo backpack. On such trips I always take 2 bodies with me. The choice fell on the Sony Alpha 7RII and as a backup on the Canon 6DII. I love both cams and I am sure that they will serve me well in Canada.

Equipment | CANADA Road Trip 2019 | HolgerOlivier Photography
Equipment | CANADA Road Trip 2019 | HolgerOlivier Photography

The necessary clothes are also already put together and only have to fit together with the tripod in the case:)


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