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Canada Photo Books

Today - almost 2 months after the trip - I was able to finish the photo books of my Canada Road Tour. Two illustrated books with about 100 pages each and over 300 photos.

Canada Road Tour 2019 | HolgerOlivier Photography
Canada Road Tour 2019 | HolgerOlivier Photography

The photo books differ clearly from my previous books. The journey is documented beside the photos with many information and very personal impressions.

I have selected a good 300 photos from a total of more than 4000 photos and edited them for the illustrated books. For many locations I collected information and translated it into English language. In order to present the pictures as well as possible, I decided to use a panorama format (42 x 28 cm) for the books.

As always, I have the books produced by my regular printer SAAL Digital. Probably I will hold the books in my hands next weekend and report about my first impressions here!


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