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.. I can't separate, and so the family has grown.

Besides my ancient BILORA 613I tripod - it was my first one, I still took analog photos with it - and my ultra-light SIRUI N-1204 carbon tripod, which I use when I am on the road with very small luggage, my heavy MANFROTTO 055X Pro 3 with 3 axles tilt, which I always use for landscape and heavy terrain, now the carbon tripod ROCK SOLID BETA MARK II is added. Why did I buy it? First of all, the MANFROTTO already has several signs of wear and tear and is too big and heavy for me, especially when travelling by air. The SIRUI is not an alternative in heavy terrain (too unstable). After a good consultation with a photo friend, I decided on the ROLLEI. I will test it for the first time on a short trip to Holland in a week. The baptism of fire has to pass in Canada.

Tripods | HolgerOlivier Photography
Tripods | HolgerOlivier Photography


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