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  • AutorenbildHolger Olivier Reinbold

Sieg Steig

At the weekend I took the opportunity to test another cam from Canon! After the EOS R it was now the 5DMarkIV. I will report about both tests later. In this article the hike is in the foreground!

Starting point was the mill below the town Blankenberg. From there we took the Sieg-Steig hiking trail towards the small village of Merten in the beautiful Sieg valley. We started early in the morning, getting up was announced for 05:30 am. At 06.15 am we were then at the Blankenberger mill, from there we went always along the river. The river Sieg makes some loops at this point of the valley. A railway line crosses it over several bridges. After a comfortable walk with many photo breaks we were back at the starting point around noon. You can find all photos on my story page as always!


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