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I have now been in Norway for good a week on the Lofoten Islands. It was always a dream of mine to visit this archipelago once in the winter time. I have not been disappointed with my expectations regarding the landscape, the light and the weather conditions. On the contrary, I have discovered a new love for bad weather photography. The first days we had a gale on Lofoten, the sun was only visible for a few minutes or seconds, if at all. On top of that extremely high wind speeds and lots of rain or snowfall. During this time I could capture some wonderful impressions. Now we have a 'good weather situation' since 2 days and I have visited exactly in this time on the Lofoten two photographic hotspots, Hamnoy and Uttakleiv.

Lofoten | Hamnoy | The Bridge

I have never seen so many photographers chasing after one picture. All of them with more or less professional equipment from various manufacturers. All standing in line for the picture, with tripod, with polarizing filter, gradient filter, ND filter, etc. That made me think! Do you want to belong to it, or do you want to take other pictures, capture other motives. Do you want mainstream or not? I made my decision a long time ago and I follow my own style - I just have to remember it sometimes, especially when I go to such mainstream locations like Uttakleiv, Hamnoy or Reine.

Lofoten | Uttakleiv | HolgerOlivier Photography

Lofoten | Uttakleiv

So I looked for new locations and angles off the beaten track, didn't use ND and gradient filters and suddenly found myself completely alone. My 10 mm Voigtländer supported me for an exceptional perspective, I think I used it more intensively than ever before on the Lofoten Islands.

So there will not be the mainstream images from me that you know from the Lofoten! My style is important to me and I remain true to it!

Lofoten | Haukland

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