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Lofoten | Winter 2020

Today is Sunday and i use this rest day to sort and edit my pictures and videos a little bit. I have fulfilled a long awaited dream and visited the Lofoten in Norway in winter. This island archipelago fascinates with dreamlike rough landscapes and an incomparable light. I have to state that the weather in the winter is clearly more unstable than for example in the autumn, but this is what I expected and therewith it is not a surprise for me. On the contrary, the 'bad' weather is becoming more and more a passion for me, you get unique pictures and the conditions, which change every second, are often a great photographic challenge. There are enough good weather pictures, many of my spots on the Lofoten have been photographed a million times, but maybe not with the weather conditions I have chosen. You just have to overcome your inner bastard and do this to yourself and the cam's. The reward are often unique pictures! In this sense I will stay here for a few days and take my pictures. When I'm back there will be a new photo story and certainly one or the other video on my Youtube channel.

Nusfjord | Storvanet | HolgerOlivier Photography

Vareid | Lofoten | HolgerOlivier Photography

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