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  • AutorenbildHolger Olivier Reinbold

Lister Dam | Location Scouting

Today a location scouting was on the agenda. The dam wall of the Lister reservoir piqued my interest. The location can be reached in a good hour from my residence in Germany. I would like to photograph the wall at sunset. I have to wait until the end of January 2021 for the right time, when the sun sets again right in the middle of the wall. Nevertheless I have already used today to explore the location. The weather was quite bad, it rained a lot and the cloud cover was very dense at times. But I was lucky, exactly when I arrived at the dam the clouds tore open and the sun showed up for about 30 minutes. Enough time for some very atmospheric pictures, as they can only be taken in such weather conditions. I'm looking forward to the shoot in early 2021 at sunset! All shots of the scouting here!


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