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La Gomera | Facts

La Gomera | Facts | HolgerOlivier Photography
La Gomera | Facts | HolgerOlivier Photography

In the context of my travel preparations I have collected some first facts about the island.

La Gomera is the second smallest of the seven main Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean and covers an area of 380 km². The highest point is the Alto de Garajonay (1.487m) in the centre of the island. The capital is San Sebastian de La Gomera with about 7000 inhabitants. The whole island has approx. 21000 inhabitants, distributed on 6 municipalities. La Gomera has a north-south extension of approx. 22 km and an east-west extension of about 25 km. There is an unemployment rate of more than 30%. The distance from my home airport Köln/bonn is 3.832 km. The sun shines on average 7.5 hours daily. The time difference is 1 hour.


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