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Kreuzkogel & Riffelspitz

From the winter garden of my home in Admont I can see the mountains Hahnstein, Kreuzkogel, Riffelspitz and Klosterkogel in the South East. I had always planned to climb each of these mountains once. Hahnstein and Klosterkogel are already behind me. Last week I decided to take on the other two mountains. I had planned to reach the Scheiblegger high alp, better still the summit of the Kreuzkogel by sunrise. The ascent was via the Jagerpfad to the alpine pasture and then on to the Kreuzkogel summit.

Hike via Jagersteig to Mount Kreuzkogel and Mount Riffelspitz

A first possibility to catch the rising sunrise arose shortly before the high alpine pasture with a view of the Mount Kalbling.

Sunrise at Mount Kalbling | Gesäuse National Park | HolgerOlivier Landscape & Travel Photography

With rising sun I reached the High Alp. There was a breathtaking view to the west. The first rays of sunshine reached Mount Grimming about 35 km away and the Dachstein massif behind it.

Mount Grimming & Dachstein Massif | Styria | Austria | HolgerOlivier Landscape & Travel Photography

Scheiblegger High Alp & Mount Hahnstein | HolgerOlivier Landscape & Travel Photography

Over the High Alp I went on to the summit of the Kreuzkogel! From the summit there was a wonderful view into the Admont basin in the early morning.

Mount Kreuzkogel | Gesäuse National Park | HolgerOlivier Landscape & Travel Photography

After a summit breakfast I went over a narrow ridge with longer rope passages to the second day's destination, the Mount Riffelspitz, located in the east.

Hike Trail to Mount Riffelspitz | HolgerOlivier Landscape & Travel Photography

Mount Riffelspitz | Gesäuse National Park | HolgerOlivier Landscape & Travel Photography

You could find all shots of this amazing summer morning hike in my stories on this website!

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