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  • AutorenbildHolger Olivier Reinbold

Karleck Hike

Last weekend I was hiking the Karleck round at Arnding! The weather conditions were very mixed, from fog with a few meters visibility to bright sunshine. Always new photographic challenges.

I was rewarded at Phyrn Gatterl (the border between Upper Austria and Styria) with a wonderful view of the Gesäuse National Park. In the foreground the typical 'V' of the Gesäuse entrance, in the background the Hochtor (left) and Reichenstein Mounatin-Group (right)!

National Park Gesäuse | HolgerOlivier Photography
National Park Gesäuse | HolgerOlivier Photography

Early in the morning it looked completely different on the hike, thick fog pulled up the mountain slopes, only the bells of the cows on the alpine meadows could be heard from the sea of fog.


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