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  • AutorenbildHolger Olivier Reinbold

Hike along River Dhünn

Since the beginning of the year, the weather has been bad in Germany, continuous rain, much too warm temperatures and no sunshine in sight. But last Thursday there was a one-day improvement in the forecast.

We - my partner and I - have picked out our about Komoot a hike. Starting point was the hiking parking lot Hammerweg near the village of Burscheid. The hike should lead us along the river Dhünn and its inlets.

Here are some facts about the tour:

Length: approx. 12 km

Altitude difference: approx. 260 m

Duration (without taking pictures): 3,5 hours

We decided to walk the tour - as described on the map - clockwise.

The water games could begin, first following the Eifgenbach and its inflows ....

...then along the river Dhünn

...further along the stream Hasselsiefen

The way back led us again along the banks of the Eifgenbach.

After about 6 hours we were back at the starting point - hiking parking Hammerweg. 5 minutes later it started to rain again, lucky:)


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