• Holger Olivier Reinbold

Green ponds

Today I visited the ponds northwest of Altenrath - at the edge of the Wahner heath - in the early morning shortly before sunrise. I had wished for some ground fog, but the night was not cold enough for that. The air humidity was very high and made the green of the forest landscape literally 'explode' in the morning light. The plant consists of 10 more or less large ponds, which the water runs through in cascades. The charm of the complex is the many trees that either stand directly in the water of the ponds or have fallen into them. Here you can play photographically wonderful with the reflections in the water.

Ponds | Wahnerheide | HolgerOlivier Photography

I took 2 hours to walk once around the pond complex, it was my 2nd visit to this complex and this time I concentrated on the eastern part of the complex.

Ponds | Wahnerheide | HolgerOlivier Photography

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