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Since I have been back from the Lofoten at the end of February, there is only the topic Corona with all its side effects.

Norway | Lofoten | Hamnoy | HolgerOlivier Photography
Norway | Lofoten | Hamnoy | HolgerOlivier Photography

As an owner of a small IT-consultancy there are many things to be clarified and to keep the business running. There is hardly any time left for the hobby. I have not held a camera in my hand for 4 weeks. Now I have the most important things under control and can invest a little time in the hobby again! This weekend I will finally start with the design of my illustrated book for my winter trip to Lofoten. I am looking forward to it! Then there will hopefully be a new video on my YoutTube channel. Please all stay healthy and may this crisis not stay too long.


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