• About me

    Hi, I am photographing under the synonym HolgerOlivier, a union of my two first names. I discovered serious photography very late, at the age of 48. In my youth I often held the camera in my hand and took many photos, at that time still slides. Today I see myself personally as a passionate hobby photographer.

  • My Choice

    Every photographer has his most favorite pictures, which he looks at again and again and which touch him emotionally the most, that's also how I feel. Here is a small selection!

  • Landscape

    The landscapes of this earth are so diverse. Whether shaped by water, mountains, forests or deserts. in interaction with weather and times of day unique and irretrievable pictures arise. Nice that I can capture them with my camera.

  • Cityscapes

    Cities reflect nationalities and their way of life. Whether innovative or traditional, the houses and buildings of a city offer many large and small views that are always worth capturing.

  • Wildlife

    Plants and animals are subject to the evolution of life, constantly changing in form, structure and colour. Many of them will no longer be on this earth due to climate change and the curse of mankind. It is always an experience to photograph animals in the wild.

  • Food

    Food, we bring you daily to us and rarely discover its beauty. Whether shapes, colours or structures, the combination often conjures up aesthetic images that need to be captured. A genre of photography that still wants to be discovered by me.

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