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Oostkapelle is a village in the Dutch province of Zeeland. It is a part of the municipality of Veere, and lies about 9 km north of Middelburg. Oostkapelle was a separate municipality until 1966, when it was merged with Domburg.  In 2001, the village of Oostkapelle had 1819 inhabitants. The built-up area of the village was 1.1 km², and contained 953 residences. The statistical area "Oostkapelle", which also can include the surrounding countryside, has a population of around 2420

I spent three days visiting the province of Zeeland in the Netherlands. My destination was the small village of Oostkapelle, about 3 km northeast of the well-known holiday village of Domburg. The weather was cold but friendly with lots of sunshine and light clouds. The wonderful sandy beaches with the photogenic breakwaters invited to long walks, always with my camera. 

On the way back the Zeeland bridge offered the suitable final motive for this journey. With a good 5 km it is the longest bridge of the Netherlands. 

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