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East Friesia

Greetsiel is a small port on the bight of Leybucht in western East Frisia, Germany that was first documented in letters from the year 1388. Since 1972, Greetsiel has been part of the municipality of Krummhörn, which has its administrative seat in Pewsum. The nearest railway station is at Emden, about 15–20 kilometres away, and the two towns are linked by a bus service.

Although originally just a small but picturesque fishing village, Greetsiel has become a major tourist attraction. In December 2006, it had 1,534 inhabitants, but the number of people living in the village significantly increases during the summer months and over the Christmas holidays.

Since a business trip a few years ago, Greetsiel in East Frisia has been one of the spots I visit very regularly to get a few days away from everyday life.  The small village offers, if you don't visit it during the summer months or at Christmas, enough rest and wonderful possibilities to eat fish. The photographic highlights are always the small harbour, the dykes and the world famous twin windmills. 

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