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Canada & US

Lake Ontario is one of the five Great Lakes of North America. It is surrounded on the north, west, and southwest by the Canadian province of Ontario, and on the south and east by the American state of New York, whose water boundaries meet in the middle of the lake. Ontario, Canada's most populous province, was named for the lake. Many of Ontario's most populous cities, including Toronto, Canada's most populous city, and Hamilton, are on the lake's northern or western shores. In the Huron language, the name Ontarí'io means "Lake of Shining Waters". Its primary inlet is the Niagara River from Lake Erie. The last in the Great Lakes chain, Lake Ontario serves as the outlet to the Atlantic Ocean via the Saint Lawrence River. It is the only Great Lake not to border the state of Michigan.

This journey was very emotional for me and also came about very spontaneously. I had collected a lot of air miles in the past years and wanted to redeem some of them once, so I decided to fly to Montreal. This was the starting point of my journey. With the journey I then pursued 2 goals.  

  • The visit of longtime friends of my father in Vermont | US. 

  • The visit of the Niagara Falls in the east of Lake Ontario. 

In the first days Tom - my father's friend - took me to many places which my father had visited many years before me.  A few days later I stood in front of the mighty Niagara Falls and knew exactly that this was a place which my father had loved very much.  These were very emotional moments for me and I also had to struggle with tears at times and thought a lot about him, I would like to share my hobby with him. 

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