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Alm Lake

The Almsee is a lake in the Upper Austrian part of the Salzkammergut. It lies in the Almtal valley south of Grünau, at the northern end of the Toten Gebirge. The lake is 2.3 km long and 700 m wide. The Almsee is also very popular for ice skating or curling, as it usually freezes over completely in winter. Konrad Lorenz made many of his important observations on greylag geese here at Almsee.


At the end of September I had the opportunity to visit the Almsee in Upper Austria with a good photo friend from Styria and my daughter. Getting up at 04 am, meeting point at 05 am, arrival at the lake at 06:30 am. Sunrise was announced for shortly before 07 am. It was more cloudy as expected and the sun didn't show up properly. But we had many hanging clouds and fog. The atmosphere was simply wonderful. We walked along the lake shore and had every meters a new opportunity to catch this fantastic autumn mood.

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